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Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Diary of General Council: Day Six

It's our last day in Indy. We're headed back to Dayton in just a few minutes. As I sit here, enjoying the last of my almond croissant I'm thinking over the past few days and I don't think I have enjoyed a week this much in a very long time. It was so great to get away from life for a few days, to enjoy just being me. I rediscovered the city of Indianapolis which was so great. I realized that I love this city. Downtown in unlike any other city I've been too. There is so much to do, so much shopping, so many great restaurants to choose from. It's definitely going to be a place I will come back to for a weekend. I know that may sound crazy to you east-coasters, but for this mid-western girl, Indy is a great little getaway!

I loved being with Pastor as he became a Yo-pa. That was a precious time for him and I am so honored to have shared it with him. I think I've seen at least 75 pictures of little Samantha in the 3 days she's been with us. Ok, so maybe not that many, but it was alot, as is to be expected.

What can I say about General Council. It was a historic council to be my first. We elected a new Superintendant. It was a bit like electing a pope. I kept waiting for some sort of smoke signal, but one never came. Next council is in Orlando. Scott and I are already making plans in our heads. I highly recommend going to Council if the opportunity ever presents itself. You don't have to be a minister to go. The evening sessions are always open to the public as are the exhibit halls. And let me tell you, those exhibit halls were the highlight of my whole GC experience!

Seeing old friends was priceless. Everyday meant new surprises. Every time the elevator opened I expected to see a familiar face and wasn't often disappointed.

What a great treasure this fellowship of believers is. The Assemblies of God has been good to me all these years and seeing the broad picture encouraged me that I am right where God wants me to be and right where I want to be.

We serve a big God and He is above all fellowships and denominations. He is above superintendants and presidents, kings and prime ministers. He is the Alpha and Omega, the One and Only. To Him be all glory, honor, and praise!

I have to close this diary of my first General Council now. My croissant is done and my latte is cold. Pastor is waiting for us in the lobby. Scott said something about a go-cart place he wants to check out on our way home. I guess they go upwards of 60 mph. Hmmm... I think I'll be the photographer on that one.

Next week we will be in Dayton, so I will not see you until the outdoor service and BBQ. Don't forget to bring a neighbor.

Love to you all!

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