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Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Diary of General Council: Day Four

This morning Scott and I had breakfast together alone (can you believe it!) at au bon pain... mmm... Almond Croissant!  (Scott thinks that au bon pain means house of pain in French... it really means a good bread.  That's ok, he took four years of Spanish.)  We then met up with Pastor Alan and walked over to the Convention Center.  We walked around the exhibits for a while and I got to see friends from college that I haven't seen in years!  It was awesome!!!  (That's the part when I felt like a kid in the candy store!


 Linda and I walked the exhibits more.  She's my kindred sister with a missions calling on her life as well, so we got all giddy over the amazingly elaborate mission displays.  It was unbelievable.  We got our picture taken in a rickshaw---SO COOL!!  

Tomorrow morning we're going to get henna tattoos and go on this thing called the Eurasian Experience.  I'm so excited!!!  

We visited the NCU booth!!!  I will recommend no other school to anyone as much as I will my beloved alma-mater.  It is by far and above the best college the AG has to offer!!!  I saw my old friend Jon and finally met his beautiful wife, Elissa. (I found out that she has finally broken him of the disgusting habit of blowing his nose in his shirts.  Thank you Jesus!)  Jon and I worked together for 3 years in Student leadership at NCU.  

We visited a whole bunch more booths that I want to mention by name and give links too, but Scott has my bag with all my info at his meeting, so it will have to wait till later.

LATER: Here are a few of the vendors I talked with:

Fortified Marriages

Assemblies of God Theological Seminary  (My brother and sister-in-law are students here.)

A Thank You From the Louisiana District

Network 211

Evangel University (Our very own Jasmine Franklin will be one of the thousands of incoming freshman this coming year here!)

Convoy of Hope

AG Financial (Where we entered to win an iPod or an iPhone!!!!)

The Eurasia Experience (We're going on that tomorrow.)

Church Extension Plan

Corevalus Systems (This was the coolest thing ever!!!  You can actually see my husband drooling if you look closely!)

The Lord and the Landscaper

iQuestions (This idea is awesome!!!)

AG Credit Union

Mon Ami

TGM (Teen Girls Club of the AG)

Valley Forge Christian College

Around noon, we met our guys again for lunch at Champps.  My friend Josh joined us too.  It was so great to see him again.  We went to high school together and it was because of him that my husband and I met.  (Thanks Josh!)  His wife is one of my very dearest and best friends in all the world.  (Oh, girlfriend!  I am missing you soooo very much right now!!!  I wish you were here!!!)  The guys had to go back into meeting for the Big Vote, so Linda and I did what we do best... We went shopping!  Now I am back here typing to you...

I can not tell you what a fantastic time I have been having.  I SOOOO needed this break and vacation!!!  I love my life, my family, and my friends, but I needed a change of scenery badly!  I feel like I am in the middle of a huge deep breath!!!  I have laughed, cried, made a fool of myself, laughed some more, cried some more, hugged so much, been hugged so much, smiled, talked, been giddy, cried again and laughed even more...  And I get to do it all again tomorrow!!!  Did I already say I am having so much fun!

LATER:  After much deliberation and voting, our fellowship has elected a new Superindentant.  George Wood.  He has served for years as the General Secretary.  What a surprise!

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