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Friday, August 10, 2007

A Diary of General Council: Day Five, Part Two

Sooo..... where did I leave off?... Oh yeah!!! We love you, AG Financial!!! Thanks for the iPod Nano!!!!

The service last night was the missions service and it was pretty good. I think it could have been a whole lot cooler, but they didn't ask me for my opinion. But it really was good.

They recognized all the missionaries here from all over the world. They stood and waved the flags of their nation. That was very cool...

This was a combined satellite service with the youth at the RCA Dome, as well as televised live on INSP. From time to time throughout the service they would cut to the RCA Dome.Worship was great. J. Daniel Smith of Fort Worth, TX led with his choir.John Bueno, the Executive Director for World Missions, spoke an encouraging message. He shared many facts and highlights that were eye-opening to say the least. A challenge to support our missionaries was given.
After the message they presented the missionary candidates to the congregation. There 100+ world missionaries headed to over 50 nations around the world. There were 50+ US missionaries representing a couple dozen ministries. The missionaries gather at the center of the floor and were joined by their local pastors for prayer.After the service we said goodbye to our dear friends, Dennis and Linda Romine. It was so wonderful to be able to see them again and spend some time with them. They are so special to Scott and me and we are so very blessed to have them in our lives!
We also said goodnight to Pastor Alan and then headed to the Marriot for my NCU Alumni Reception. On the way over, I told Scott that if I didn't see anyone I knew within the first 5 minutes, we were leaving. Well, what do you know! The very first people I see are some of my oldest and dearest friends. We didn't even know they were here!
I met Joe at the beginning of my sophomore year at NCU. We were in the same circle of friends and hung out alot. When I think back to those times a smile always comes to my face. Those were some of the most precious memories of my life. A couple years later, Terese came into the picture and we became fast friends. Joe is the Director of Admissions at NCU and so was all over GC, but I never saw him. As it turned out, we'd been staying at the same hotel on the same floor all week and never knew it! What are the odds of that one?

We had a great time over delicious carrot cake talking and laughing. (You see, Joe is the funniest guy I've ever known.) Then we decided to go to dinner together. Off we went to the Weber Grill Restaurant that just opened in July. Mmmm... Over dinner we discussed everything under the sun. Joe is leaving NCU this fall to travel with a youth organisation. I can't remember the name just now. He's always travel and spoke and I guess has been doing a whole lot more. He's even done a few women's conferences. Hmmm...

Anyway.... It was so great to see them again. The last time we go together was when I was pregnant with Natalie. They came to WI for my baby shower. Joe's from Philly so we plan on getting together soon.

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